the difference in investing
isn’t insight or methodology,
it’s the passion with which it’s done.

Invest in passion

Burke backs passionate and thoughtful founders as they turn exciting ideas into market leading businesses. We admire those who aren’t afraid to break with convention and are driven to push the limits of what is possible with technology and product.

From seed stage to growth, and across industries, Burke invests in cyber security, consumer technology, medical equipment, alternative energy around the world.

With our investments typically ranging from USD $1M to $5M, we can be a steady source of capital to partners as they grow.


a focus ON:

Cloud Computing

In addition to Burke’s history of successful enterprise software investing, we have been particularly focused on the emergence of cloud computing. We believe cloud computing is the most important trend in the software industry of the decade.

Cyber Security

At Burke, we believe that our history and successful track record in cyber security provide us a key advantage in identifying and assisting the most important security startups – our investors have been involved in starting or funding four cyber security companies over the last two years, including 1 IPO and one large acquisition.

OUR InvestmentS

With USD $300M in investments to date, our portfolio includes cyber security, consumer technology, medical equipment and alternative energy.

We are industry agnostic.

We invest in companies we believe are industry disrupters or have the particular intellectual property to change or create an entire new market.

Typically, our interests fit the following criteria:

  • Rapidly growing US or Canadian based businesses in early stages of development
  • Management teams with proven track records
  • Sustainable competitive advantage with the potential to become nationally or globally competitive
  • Seeking between USD $1M and $5M in funding
  • Investment horizon of < 5 years

Burke seeks to leverage its relationships, particularly in technology, to generate unique opportunities for best-in-class startups with the potential to upset the marketplace.

about BURKE

Burke Holdings is industry agnostic: we focus on high potential best-in-class and industry game changers. Our diversified portfolio consists of start-ups in cyber security, consumer technology, medical equipment and alternative energy. Our experience brings together industry experts and traditional finance/investing to form a focused, knowledgable and fluid firm that can act in our clients best interest.

We focus on investing in smaller and early stage businesses where, through hard work and investment, we can greatly increase the value for our investors.

Our operating model is built to actively collaborate with our management teams in pursuit of sustainable growth, by providing financial resources, tactical support, and strategic guidance.



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